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September 2016 Archives

Although difficult, divorce doesn't make you a 'failure'

An interesting article on divorce and the lasting effects it has on a person's psyche and personality recently caught our eye. The article isn't saying that a divorce is guaranteed to make a person socially insecure and emotionally volatile. But what it does say is that once you get divorced, it is something you can never undo. You will always be someone who was divorced -- even if you remarry the person you initially divorced.

You don't know what you don't know: Pitfalls of DIY divorce

Marriage is difficult, but many things can be worked through. Others such as infidelity, hidden gambling addictions, abuse or significantly differing approaches to parenting are too much. A split may be amicable or become heated as communication breaks down.

The ins and outs of debt and divorce

One divorce topic that we haven't addressed on this blog yet is prenuptial agreements. These are important contracts that any soon-to-be-married couple should at least consider -- but we'll have more on this topic at a later date. For the time being, we bring up prenuptial agreements because they relate to credit, debt and divorce.

What happens when a custody arrangement needs to be changed?

When you and your spouse have a child, that son or daughter will become your entire world. It's a beautiful moment, and one you will always cherish. With that in mind: what would happen if you and your spouse were to, someday, get a divorce? How would you handle child custody?