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What To Do When Your Initial Order Does Not Work Anymore

When you first get divorced and children are involved, things such as child custody or support are approved in the process. However, over time, those agreements may need to be modified or enforced. Having an experienced family law attorney like Jeremy Epstein in New Orleans, can help move this process forward.

In Louisiana, child support is based on the gross income of the parents. This income can change throughout a child’s life because of circumstances such as a parent losing a job or a change in marital status. We can help you work through the process of modifying the existing child support order.

When determining child support in high-asset divorces, there needs to be a balance between the standard of living of the children during the marriage and their reasonable needs after the divorce. These reasonable needs could include private school tuition, an expensive home or clothing, and private lessons. It is important to have an experienced attorney on your side in these cases if you are requesting a modification.

Modifications may also be necessary to the child custody agreement. Changes can be done through both parents agreeing and a court approving the modification, or through a hearing. In both instances, we have the experience to help expedite the process through negotiation, mediation or litigation if the matter needs to go before a judge.

How To Enforce Child Support Payments

Sometimes the issue is not modifying the initial order but rather making sure it is enforced. Enforcement is necessary when one party is not complying with the initial order. This could mean a parent not adhering to child support, the parenting time agreement or spousal support order.

If you find yourself needing to enforce child support, there are several ways the state may enforce it, including:

  • Income withholding or wage garnishment
  • Liens and attachments
  • Tax refund or benefit interception
  • Jail time
  • Passport denial
  • License suspension

Your capable attorney at Jeremy Epstein Law, LLC, can help explain how each of these work to help you collect back child support.

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