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Divorce Changes Everything. We Will Help You Prepare For Those Changes.

There are many marriages that simply just do not end up working out. Both spouses may try very hard to keep the relationship together, but in the end, they decide that they need to move forward. If you are contemplating divorce, it is extremely important to make sure that you are prepared for such a significant change.

At Jeremy Epstein Law, LLC, we have extensive experience guiding individuals through the divorce process in Louisiana. Our attorney, Jeremy Epstein, has received countless awards for the representation provided to our family law clients. Jeremy has been named as one of the Top 10 attorneys Under 40 for Excellence in the Field of Family Law by the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys 2015, an organization of family law attorneys from across the country.

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Making The Right Choices For Your Future

We want to know exactly what is happening in your specific situation. Deciding to go through with a divorce is a difficult decision, and we will not pressure you into filing. We want you to make sure that this is the right choice for you. Should you decide to move forward, you will work directly with Jeremy throughout your divorce.

We handle any and all issues connected to your divorce, including:

  • Divorce
  • Uncontested divorce
  • 102 Divorce
  • 103 Divorce
  • Determining an appropriate child custody and parenting time plan
  • Requests concerning child support or spousal support
  • Dividing your marital assets and debts

We take a solutions-based approach to our divorce cases. We perform a comprehensive evaluation of the assets and debts that you and your spouse own, and we make proposals that will help to reduce the conflict that is present in your divorce.

So many people come to us after handling their own divorce. They made crucial mistakes throughout the process and want us to try to help them fix the problems that they have created for themselves. You need to know that the decisions you make during your divorce will be considerably difficult to change, so you need the guidance of an experienced divorce lawyer before you make any decisions.

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We handle a number of family law cases on a flat-fee basis. This means you will know exactly what it will cost before you make any final decisions. To learn more about your options, please call our New Orleans office at 504-434-5489 or send us an email.