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March 2017 Archives

How sole custody will impact matters of taxation

When faced with a custody battle, many Louisiana parents are primarily concerned on providing their child or children with a safe and stable home environment. However, there are certain financial ramifications that come with various custody outcomes, including sole custody. A parent who is able to secure sole custody of one or more children will have a significant change in his or her tax obligations.

Unusual outcome in recognition of parentage case

A recent family court outcome is being heralded as a victory for families who choose an alternative lifestyle. The case resulted in shared custody of a 10-year-old boy between a man and two women. For those in Louisiana who have crafted families that are unconventional, this case gives hope that courts are becoming more sensitive to the many different ways that families are constructed, and to the need for new approaches to recognition of parentage.

After video goes viral, father wants more than just visitation

When two Louisiana parents share a child but are no longer romantically involved, there is usually an agreement in place that outlines the division of parenting time and responsibilities. Over time, that agreement might need to be modified if circumstances change or if the custody or visitation arrangement is not in the best interests of the shared child. An example is found in the case of a father who is seeking a greater degree of responsibility after his daughter gained notoriety after an appearance on a talk show.

How quickly can you get divorce in Louisiana?

Younger couples are often able to have simpler divorces than older couples are: they're less likely to have children, real estate and other significant assets that can complicate the separation process. Divorce is rarely a walk in the park, but having fewer things to fight over can certainly make the process go more smoothly.

Child custody evaluations could impact adoption case

Many Louisiana residents have read about an emotionally charged child custody battle currently playing out between an adoptive family and a biological father. The case has made headlines across the nation, and offers an example of the custody matter in which there cannot be a true "winner" or "loser." As the court struggles to reach an outcome that is both fair and in line with the best interests of the child, the matter highlights the complexities involved in certain adoptions. Child custody evaluations are almost certain to come into play as this case moves forward.

As a custodial parent, can you move with your child?

Many child custody cases can prove contentious. Even after you and your ex-spouse have come to agreements, other issues could arise that lead to challenges concerning those agreements. When such situations do come about, you and your ex may find yourselves looking at court proceedings in order to determine the best course of action.

Couple loses custody over controversial parenting choice

One of the most deeply held rights that Americans parents enjoy is the freedom to make decisions about how their children will be raised. However, there are circumstances under which parenting decisions can be called into question. One couple is currently fighting serious criminal charges related to the death of their daughter, and have given up custody of their remaining six children. Parents in Louisiana and across the nation will follow this case, as the outcome could impact parental rights for all Americans.