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February 2017 Archives

Be aware of the impact Bitcoin can have on community property

The process of dividing marital wealth is a primary focus for many Louisiana spouses who are going through a divorce. That is understandable, as the outcome of property division will have a lasting impact on both parties as they move beyond their marriage and into the next phase of their lives. When preparing for negotiations of community property, spouses need to be aware of Bitcoin and similar companies, and be on the lookout for signs that their partner may have taken steps to shield assets from loss during divorce.

Prior to divorce process, achieve financial security

If there is one certainty about divorce, it is that there are no certainties about divorce. Even in cases where both Louisiana spouses agree that ending their marriage is the right thing to do, things often do not go as planned. In the worst cases, one spouse becomes angry and takes an aggressive stance toward the other, up to and including restricting the other spouse's access to the marital funds that are needed to initiate and complete the divorce process.

Peaceful end to child custody and visitation battle possible

Many Louisiana parents understand why people fight so fiercely for their children after the end of a relationship. The problem is that contentious child custody and visitation battles often do nothing to ensure that the children are happy and secure. In fact, many of these battles tend to make matters worse, and the courts often push parents to work together to reach an agreement on their own. Even celebrities like Uma Thurman are sent away by judges to negotiate an agreement before making the court decide the fate of her child.