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April 2017 Archives

How estate planning factors into the divorce process

For many Louisiana residents, moving through a divorce requires a lengthy checklist of to-do items, many of which can be tedious. The divorce process can feel overwhelming, and it is not uncommon for spouses to forget to address various issues that relate to their divorce. When it comes to life insurance, however, it is very important for spouses to make the appropriate changes to ensure that their final wishes are adhered to.

Child custody evaluations are not always accurate

When Louisiana parents are faced with a challenge to their parental rights, there are no words that can properly describe the stress and anxiety that follows. When the state acts to remove a child from his or her home, the parents are often at a distinct disadvantage. States have a number of tools at their disposal in these cases, including attorneys, social workers, guardian ad litems and individuals tasked with making child custody evaluations. Parents are allowed the right to an attorney, but many do not have the resources to match those that the state can gather. This can lead to controversial and distressing child custody outcomes, including a recent case in which children may have been wrongly placed in harm's way by state authorities.

Community property a minor concern for immigrant spouses

Regardless of where one's political affiliation lies, there can be no doubt that the current administration has shaken things up on the political landscape. For immigrants, concerns over Trump's immigration policies have caused a great deal of anxiety. According to family law professionals, there has been an uptick in the number of immigrants who are engaged to an American citizen and hoping to escalate their wedding timeframe. For those Louisiana couples, a prenuptial agreement may also be a desirable course of action, even though issues of community property are likely not on their minds at the moment.

The importance of avoiding errors on a QDRO

For many Louisiana residents, the division of retirement assets is a primary focus during the property division process. In fact, there are many families in which retirement savings comprise the bulk of marital wealth. Getting things right during the division of these assets is important, and should be a priority. To that end, it is important to carefully review the QDRO to ensure that there are no costly errors or omissions present.

Divorcing at a young age? The outcome may be better than you think

Some individuals may have varying beliefs regarding the end of a marriage, depending on the age of the couple involved. Despite these views, you will likely find the process stressful and daunting regardless of how old you are at the time. Divorce will inevitably bring about change in your life, and there are some means you can use to avoid letting certain factors have a negative effect on the outcome.