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January 2017 Archives

Building a stable financial future after your divorce

One of the most important goals of a divorce settlement is to ensure that your financial future will not be a burden. In some cases, the months leading up to litigation or mediation may either help or hinder movement toward that goal. While divorce may be something you would rather not think about and get over with as quickly as possible, being proactive and involved can often mean the difference between reaching financial security quickly or struggling for years to get your footing.

What happens as the divorce process nears its end?

Ending a marriage requires a lot of looking to the past -- dividing property, arranging custody and determining support requirements to equalize both parties as much as possible. However, Louisiana residents must prioritize future needs as well. The best time to plan for one's financial future is before the divorce process is finalized, or soon thereafter.

Divorce process boils down to 3 main issues for most people

Even when a marriage ends after several years, many Louisiana couples find that they face three main issues -- alimony (or spousal support), property division and child custody, if applicable. The divorce process is designed to settle these issues and allow each party the best chance possible to start their new lives. Of course, saying that there are only three issues to cover tends to oversimplify the reality of the process.

People contemplating the divorce process surges after holidays

Many Louisiana residents might be joining others across the country who are making inquiries about what steps are necessary to end their marriages now that the holidays are over. Questions regarding the divorce process surge after the holidays. In fact, such a jump in filings occurs during this time of year that January through March has been affectionately dubbed "divorce season" by many in the legal profession.