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Divorce process boils down to 3 main issues for most people

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2017 | Divorce

Even when a marriage ends after several years, many Louisiana couples find that they face three main issues — alimony (or spousal support), property division and child custody, if applicable. The divorce process is designed to settle these issues and allow each party the best chance possible to start their new lives. Of course, saying that there are only three issues to cover tends to oversimplify the reality of the process.

Most Louisiana couples acquire at least some assets and liabilities together during the marriage. The first step in property division is often to determine what property makes up the marital estate. Once those determinations are made, the process of dividing the property and debts can begin. The issue of alimony can also be handled during the property division phase since the assets received by each party could influence how much and what type of alimony is awarded, if any.

For couples with children, custody, visitation and support issues could be considered the most important aspect of the process. Considering how much time each parent gets with the children is at stake, this phase can often spark intense debates and arguments. However, custody issues are not about who “wins,” but rather how to best provide the children with the love and care they deserve. Cooperation and compromise are often the most productive ways to reach that goal.

Applying a spirit of compromise and cooperation to all aspects of the divorce process is encouraged and recommended. Settlement agreements negotiated by the parties themselves — with whatever assistance is needed — often result in better satisfaction with the results and a more equitable outcome. Putting aside the emotional aspects of the divorce and focusing on the business at hand are vital in making this happen.

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