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When a marriage or relationship ends, there may be questions concerning how you will financially support your children, and who will be held responsible for providing that support. When a couple has children together, both parents are held responsible for the financial support of their children. However, the very nature of these discussions often leads to severe disagreements about whether support is necessary, as well as the amount of support that should be awarded in each particular case. In Louisiana, the amount of child support is determined by a set of strict guidelines and there are exceptions to these guidelines. Working with an experienced child custody attorney can help you navigate through the nuances of child support to ensure your child’s needs are properly met.

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Louisiana Child Support Guidelines

Under state law, the amount of child support that will be awarded in your case is based upon specific guidelines. The court will look at various factors, including the income of the parties, to determine the amount of child support payments. Whether you are contesting or requesting child support, it is extremely beneficial to have an attorney working with you in these cases to ensure that all income is property accounted for when using the guidelines.

If your co-parent is hiding income or failing to report certain items, this can have a significant effect on the amount of support handed down. You need to be sure that you are giving the court a clear picture of your situation in order to receive an accurate child support determination.

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