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What happens when a custody arrangement needs to be changed?

On Behalf of | Sep 15, 2016 | Child Custody

When you and your spouse have a child, that son or daughter will become your entire world. It’s a beautiful moment, and one you will always cherish. With that in mind: what would happen if you and your spouse were to, someday, get a divorce? How would you handle child custody?

It is easy to think that the two of you would remain level-headed and calm about the topic, but it is certainly an emotional one that can bring out some more animated responses from parents.  Even if the two of you can agree on joint custody, there is still the matter of the custody arrangement that the two of you will agree to.

We bring up the arrangement because there are some divorcing parents out there who may think that once the agreement is signed, then that’s it. It won’t change.

However, this agreement is one that evolves over time. Life will intervene, and major events will occur. The parents may get new jobs. Medical emergencies may force a change in the arrangement’s provisions. And potential moves to a different state will warrant an update to the arrangement.

There may also be issues that pop up over time between the two former spouses, forcing a change in the circumstances outlined in the custody agreement. When these changes are necessary, the two parents need to consult with their family law attorney and proceed with the process of editing and updating their arrangement. These are delicate matters, and you will want an experienced legal representative there to answer you questions and guide you through the process.