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Tips for parents: Telling your children about your divorce

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2024 | Divorce

The approach that parents take when discussing a decision to divorce with their children will have a lasting impact on their emotional well-being. Parents must (when possible and appropriate) approach this talk as a unified front, better ensuring that they’ll communicate a message of love and support, despite the changes ahead.

Creating a safe and open environment for this discussion is crucial. Children need to feel secure enough to express their feelings and ask questions. The aim is to reassure them that their parents will be there for them, regardless of the marital changes.

Preparation is key

Before initiating the conversation about the divorce, parents should plan their approach. This includes deciding the appropriate time and place that will be free from interruptions. Anticipating questions children might ask and preparing honest, yet age-appropriate, answers is also essential.

Presenting a united front

Ideally, both parents should be present during the discussion. This demonstrates to the children that, despite the divorce, parental cooperation and support will continue. Showing unity in decision-making offers children stability in a time of change.

Maintaining an open line of communication

Following the initial conversation, keeping the lines of communication open is vital. Children should feel they can approach either parent with their concerns and questions. Regular check-ins can help parents gauge their children’s adjustment to the new family dynamics and address any issues promptly.

Reassuring love and support

Ultimately, children need reassurance that the divorce isn’t their fault and that both parents’ love for them remains unchanged. It can also be beneficial to discuss the practical points of the divorce, such as living arrangements, in a way that reinforces security and continuity in their lives.

Having a parenting plan set quickly can help to enforce the key considerations of this conversation, as everyone will know what to expect sooner rather than later. As such, seeking legal guidance as soon as possible after a decision to divorce is generally wise.