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Should you include virtual visitation in your custody agreement?

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2023 | Child Custody

The court typically determines a child’s best interests when making custody decisions. Accordingly, it may grant or not grant you custody. If the latter happens, you will be entitled to reasonable visitation rights unless the court finds that visitation would not be in the child’s best interest.

When creating a parenting plan with your co-parent, you should consider including virtual visitation.

Here is why:

You may be unable to observe a scheduled visitation

You may be unable to spend time with your child according to the scheduled plan. If you travel a lot for work, this may be your case. A virtual visitation arrangement will allow you to communicate with your child through video calls, phone calls, emails, text messages and other forms of electronic communication in such situations.

If you live far away from the custodial parent, you should also request to include virtual visitation in your parenting plan, as your kids may be unable to visit often. 

Spend more time with your kid

Chances are you may miss out on things your child experiences when with the custodial parent. But virtual visitation can ensure you participate in every key activity. You can help your kid with their homework/ school projects, read them a bedtime story, watch co-curricular activities in real-time, such as a sporting event or a dance performance when you cannot be present and so on.

It can be stressful to miss out on your child trying a fruit/food for the first time, losing a tooth and other accomplishments. Virtual visitation can help you be part of every milestone. 

Virtual visitation is not a substitution for scheduled visitation, but offers numerous benefits. You should get legal help to learn more about it.