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How quickly can you get divorce in Louisiana?

Younger couples are often able to have simpler divorces than older couples are: they're less likely to have children, real estate and other significant assets that can complicate the separation process. Divorce is rarely a walk in the park, but having fewer things to fight over can certainly make the process go more smoothly.

Building a stable financial future after your divorce

One of the most important goals of a divorce settlement is to ensure that your financial future will not be a burden. In some cases, the months leading up to litigation or mediation may either help or hinder movement toward that goal. While divorce may be something you would rather not think about and get over with as quickly as possible, being proactive and involved can often mean the difference between reaching financial security quickly or struggling for years to get your footing.

You don't know what you don't know: Pitfalls of DIY divorce

Marriage is difficult, but many things can be worked through. Others such as infidelity, hidden gambling addictions, abuse or significantly differing approaches to parenting are too much. A split may be amicable or become heated as communication breaks down.