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Dealing with cryptocurrencies during a divorce

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have become extremely popular among investors in Louisiana and around the country because they offer the promise of robust returns and operate outside the sphere of government regulators. However, the qualities that make them an attractive addition to investment portfolios can be a major challenge to divorcing spouses and the attorneys representing them. Placing a value on these volatile assets can be difficult during property division negotiations, and the privacy offered by Bitcoin and its competitors have made these alternative currencies a popular way for high-net-worth individuals to conceal funds.

Social media helps kids get through divorce

While many Louisiana residents bemoan the effect of social media and online communications on children's psyches, some research indicates that these forms of communication can be highly beneficial to children whose parents are going through a divorce. Studies show that even kids whose parents are engaged in high levels of conflict and disagreement benefit greatly from online communication.

How estate planning factors into the divorce process

For many Louisiana residents, moving through a divorce requires a lengthy checklist of to-do items, many of which can be tedious. The divorce process can feel overwhelming, and it is not uncommon for spouses to forget to address various issues that relate to their divorce. When it comes to life insurance, however, it is very important for spouses to make the appropriate changes to ensure that their final wishes are adhered to.

Divorcing at a young age? The outcome may be better than you think

Some individuals may have varying beliefs regarding the end of a marriage, depending on the age of the couple involved. Despite these views, you will likely find the process stressful and daunting regardless of how old you are at the time. Divorce will inevitably bring about change in your life, and there are some means you can use to avoid letting certain factors have a negative effect on the outcome.

How quickly can you get divorce in Louisiana?

Younger couples are often able to have simpler divorces than older couples are: they're less likely to have children, real estate and other significant assets that can complicate the separation process. Divorce is rarely a walk in the park, but having fewer things to fight over can certainly make the process go more smoothly.

Prior to divorce process, achieve financial security

If there is one certainty about divorce, it is that there are no certainties about divorce. Even in cases where both Louisiana spouses agree that ending their marriage is the right thing to do, things often do not go as planned. In the worst cases, one spouse becomes angry and takes an aggressive stance toward the other, up to and including restricting the other spouse's access to the marital funds that are needed to initiate and complete the divorce process.

Building a stable financial future after your divorce

One of the most important goals of a divorce settlement is to ensure that your financial future will not be a burden. In some cases, the months leading up to litigation or mediation may either help or hinder movement toward that goal. While divorce may be something you would rather not think about and get over with as quickly as possible, being proactive and involved can often mean the difference between reaching financial security quickly or struggling for years to get your footing.