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Benefits of formalizing your virtual visitation arrangements

On Behalf of | May 27, 2024 | Child Custody

If you co-parent or parallel parent with your ex, you may utilize virtual visitation to stay connected with your kids when they’re residing with their other parent. Formalizing these virtual visitation arrangements in a parenting plan can inspire numerous benefits, which is why if your arrangements are not yet formalized, you may want to look into getting the court to sign off on them.

Formalizing virtual visitation in a parenting plan establishes clear expectations and schedules. This consistency is crucial for children, as it helps them know when they will connect with their other parent, fostering a sense of stability. This kind of expectation setting can also be beneficial for adults, who may need to plan work, social and family concerns around their virtual visitation times.

Low-stress approaches and enforceability

A detailed parenting plan that includes virtual visitation expectations reduces the potential for conflict between co-parents. By agreeing on the specifics in advance, such as the days, times and duration of virtual visits, parents can avoid misunderstandings and last-minute disputes. Clear guidelines help both parents adhere to the agreed-upon schedule, promoting a cooperative co-parenting relationship and significantly impacting a child’s emotional well-being for the better.

Addressing virtual visitation arrangements in a parenting plan also offers legal protection for both parents. Should any disputes arise, having a court-approved document ensures that both parties are held accountable to the agreed terms. This legal backing can be crucial in enforcing the virtual visitation schedule and addressing any non-compliance issues.

Finally, drafting a parenting plan that includes virtual visitation terms encourages co-parents to think carefully about their child’s needs and how best to meet them. This process promotes a more child-centered approach, better ensuring that the arrangements are designed with the child’s best interests in mind. Thoughtful planning can lead to more effective and meaningful virtual interactions, enhancing the quality of the time spent together.

Ultimately, formalizing virtual visitation arrangements in a parenting plan offers numerous benefits, which is why it’s an effort worth making if you have not already done so.