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How is basic child support calculated in Louisiana?

On Behalf of | Aug 1, 2022 | Child Support

When deciding on child support, it is imperative that the child be adequately cared for with a suitable place to live, clothing, food, educational supplies, medical care and more. A question that parents frequently ask centers on what the law says about the basic child support amount.

Key information the parents must give to the court

Courts use a formula to determine child support amounts. The court will need to see verified income of both parents. It must show their gross income and adjusted gross income. All current and past earnings must be shown with documentation. Examples include pay stubs, employer statements and other sources. The most recent tax return must be provided. The other party will also receive this information. For business owners, various forms of information as to how much they have profited, lost, paid in tax and obligations will be required.

In some instances, a parent is not earning as much as they could because they are intentionally unemployed or have taken a lower-paying job than what they might get, given their education, skills and experience. The court assess the income they are capable of earning and it determines the gross income.

Both sides must combine their adjusted gross incomes and calculate a proportionate amount.

It is vital to have help with child support

Whether a parent is fortunate enough to have a high-paying job and significant assets, someone who is struggling financially or someone in between, income plays a fundamental role in the child support order. Both the paying parent and the receiving parent need experienced help to ensure the amount adheres to the law and adequately provides for the child, but is still fair based on the parents’ finances.