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Four steps to help your child adjust to your divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2022 | Child Custody

Nothing is more important to parents in Louisiana than their children. Parents will do all they can to make sure their child has a comfortable, happy life. Sadly, not every marriage is meant to last and sometimes parents divorce. If this happens there are steps you can take to keep your child’s best interests intact during what is a difficult time.

Try out-of-court negotiations

If possible, you can try to settle your divorce legal issues such as child custody through out-of-court negotiations. Some people negotiate on their own while others seek the help of a mediator. Either way, an out-of-court settlement can mean less time in court and avoids pitting the parents against each other as a “winner” and “loser.” Negotiating your divorce sets the groundwork for future cooperation and positive communication you will need to have with your ex as you raise your child post-divorce.

Focus on the future

It is important to remember that once your divorce is final, you and your partner will still have to work together to raise your child. Think about what you want your post-divorce life to look like in the next few years. Think about how your child will remember your divorce. You will likely want your child to eventually feel safe and loved despite the divorce, even though initially it is emotionally difficult for all involved.

Preserve your relationship with your child

Children need healthy, meaningful relationships with both parents. Parents should listen to their child’s concerns about the divorce. Even if your child seems to be handling the divorce okay, they may still feel troubled inside. Other times a child will act our and misbehave in a reaction to their parents’ divorce. It is up to parents to help their child adjust to the divorce. Sometimes seeking the assistance of a professional, such as a therapist, can help.

Take your time with your divorce

Divorce naturally causes big changes to the lives of you and your child. You want to take the time to carefully work through your divorce issues so you can reach a resolution that best meets the needs of your child. What you do not want to do is unnecessarily drag out the divorce in an effort to hurt your ex. Your child needs to see you and your ex cooperating and working together in a positive manner both during the divorce and beyond.

By keeping these four steps in mind you can help your child adjust to life post-divorce in a healthy manner.