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Three things to know about Louisiana joint custody decrees

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2021 | Child Custody

Child custody is a contentious topic in Louisiana and for parents throughout the country. That is because it is hard for many parents to envision futures where they do not see their kids each day. In Louisiana and other parts of the United States, parents can be awarded joint custody decrees through which they share the physical custody of their kids.

This post will offer a few important facts about joint custody decrees. However, whenever child custody questions arise, it is important that parents find the right answers to their own needs. Their trusted attorneys can help them discover the answers they require.

Fact #1: Joint custody is shared custody

When parents are the recipients of joint custody, they share in the responsibilities of having physical custody of their kids. It is important for parents to understand, though, that joint custody does not necessarily mean equal custody. Joint custody can have different time distributions.

Fact #2: The best interests of the kids guide custody decisions

At the heart of custody matters is the best interest of the child who will be affected by the decision. If an equal child custody plan is in their interests, then their court may award it. However, joint custody plans may have inequal balances of parenting time if such arrangements best serve the children.

Fact #3: Child custody arrangements can be changed

What parents need to remember is that child custody decisions, even joint custody decrees, can be changed. If, over time, a family discovers that their child custody plan is not serving their child’s needs, they can petition to alter it to find a better solution. A dedicated family law and divorce attorney can help a parent conceptualize the changes they believe are best to their kids’ custody plans.