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Some reflections on divorce-linked behavior and processes

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Divorce

A family law commentator notes in a recent Forbes article that divorce can be “one of the most difficult transitions in life that a person may go through.”

That’s obvious, right? And because marital dissolution profoundly signals a material change in circumstances, it is key for any potentially divorcing party to know with confidence that opting for divorce is the right decision.

A proven family law attorney knows acutely well what’s at stake for valued and diverse clients seeking legal input regarding divorce strategies and outcomes. Experienced legal counsel appreciates too that a definitive yes-or-no determination must often be made concerning marriage termination before any matter can even be logically considered.

We deeply understand that at the New Orleans family law firm of Jeremy Epstein Law, LLC. We note on our website that an attorney unwaveringly and rightly focused on a client’s best interests will never pressure that individual into filing for divorce. We stress to every client that posits trust in us that, “We want you to make sure that this [divorce] is the right choice for you.”

Assuming it is, caring and capable legal counsel will do everything that is ethically and legally possible to effect best-case outcomes for a client on all relevant issues. The subject matter that assumes central importance will necessarily vary in a given case. If there is one maxim that rings true above all others regarding family law, it is that families are unique and that every divorce is flatly different from all others.

That is, some will focus mightily on child-centric issues like custody/visitation and support. Others might highlight matters like alimony, property division or additional concerns.

Decisions surrounding divorce and related matters are intensely personal and case-specific. Questions or concerns can be directed to an experienced and empathetic family law attorney.