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How to be better coparents after divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2019 | Visitation

Once the difficult process of working out a schedule for custody and visitation is over for a divorced couple in Louisiana, they still must learn to coparent. A parent should always avoid speaking negatively of their ex. Children can learn on their own if a parent is irresponsible. Furthermore, a child should only be kept away from the other parent if it affects their safety.

Exes may not share parenting styles, but they should try to have similar expectations for the children in both households. Online tools can help parents communicate about the schedule and other issues affecting the children. In addition, a calendar in each parent’s home can provide an easy visual for everyone to keep track.

Parents should not forbid their kids from talking about the other parent or put them in the middle of conflict. Even having children take messages back and forth can create this situation. Children should be reassured that they did not cause the divorce. Parents should answer their questions honestly but without blaming the former partner. If reconciliation is a possibility, parents should be wary about encouraging a child’s hopes until everything is resolved. It’s important not to introduce new partners immediately to the children. Furthermore, stepparents should not expect to be in a fully parental role. When parents attend events on behalf of their children, they should avoid conflict.

The custody schedule may still allow the noncustodial parent a generous amount of visitation time. In some cases, children may spend nearly half their time with the noncustodial parent. Another option is for parents to share custody. In an arrangement called “nesting,” some parents take turns staying in the family home while the children remain there full time. Attorneys could help a separating couple come to a mutually beneficial agreement.