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Social media helps kids get through divorce

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2019 | Divorce

While many Louisiana residents bemoan the effect of social media and online communications on children’s psyches, some research indicates that these forms of communication can be highly beneficial to children whose parents are going through a divorce. Studies show that even kids whose parents are engaged in high levels of conflict and disagreement benefit greatly from online communication.

When parents of minor children divorce and one parent maintains primary custody, it can be challenging for the other parent to remain as close to the children. This is especially true when work or other factors cause the other parent to move away. However, social media, texting and video calls enable these parents to bridge the gap. While experts agree that in-person contact is always best, they noted that whenever parents and children stayed directly in touch, the relationship between the parents mattered much less to the children’s sense of love and connection with both parents.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and texting can be important means of communication, especially for young people. Researchers emphasized that these programs already play a major role in how young people connect with each other and exchange serious, emotional thoughts about their lives. When they can also communicate with parents through these programs, they feel a high level of connection even if there is physical distance. By studying 400 families after divorce, researchers noted that direct parent-child communication significantly outweighed the effects of the relationship between the two parents.

When parents decide to end their marriage, one of the most significant concerns may be how they protect their relationship with their children. A family law attorney can help negotiate a settlement agreement that deals with child custody and visitation and that is in the best interests of both the client and the children.