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A few divorce mistakes to be aware of during the split

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2016 | Divorce

In our last post, we talked about divorce and social media. These are two interconnected elements in today’s world, and there are some necessary steps that divorcing people need to take to minimize the damage social media use could do to them in light of a divorce.

The use of social media and how it interacts with the legal process of divorce is one of the common mistakes that divorcing couples need to be aware of so they can avoid them. There are many others. Let’s discuss a few of them:

  • Financial considerations. Some divorcing couples may try to hide or obscure their financial assets or lie about their financial situation to gain a foothold in the divorce. This is never a good idea. These assets can be discovered and your lies uncovered, leading to serious legal problems for you.
  • Your children. Remember that the best interests of your children take precedent in a divorce. You and your spouse need to work out an acceptable child custody and/or support agreement to ensure that your child is cared for an in the best possible position.
  • Anger and emotional outbursts. This is the big one. Divorce is inherently emotional and anger-inducing. But keeping calm and staying poised during the process is essential. It will curb any potential social media outbursts (as we mentioned above) and it can lead to a more streamlined divorce process that is quicker — allowing you to move on.

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